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Tyler Coin Club Newsletter

Each month, the Tyler Coin Club publishes a newsletter packed with so much numismatic goodness, one might wonder if a Grabener Coin Press is used to assemble this award winning publication. Club members and fellow numismatists are treated each month to Your Two Cents Worth, which includes the following regular features:

  • Sowle Food: Words of Greeting and Celebration from our President
  • Minutes from the most recent club meeting
  • Numismatic Education: Insight from Dr. Coyne
  • Visit to Your Editor’s Coin Cabinet
  • Listing of area coin shows

Newsletter editor, Richard Laster, has been in charge of care and feeding the publication since 2011.  If Richard's name rings a bell, you may know him from the Texas Numismatic Association (TNA) - Coins for A's program.  Richard was also recently elected as First Vice President of the TNA.

Next Meeting

Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Meals On Wheels
3001 Robertson Rd
Tyler, TX 75701


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